YumYoga European Holiday 2010 – en route to Budapest

Posted by: Rita in: ● December 26, 2010

After a long trans-Atlantic flight with little sleep, I was pleasantly surprised at the recent updates to the dining scene at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It was “brunch time” around landing and I was quite dehydrated from 8.5 hours in the air on a redeye because a) I ran out of time to fill up my water bottle as usual, and b) the flight attendants in coach tend to come by only 2-3 times and I’m not a fan of using the “call button.” Since I had a 2.5 hour layover I took Jack for a spin around the upstairs food court in the main terminal and stumbled upon the most delightful cafe that had this great fresh fruit and juice bar!

Fruit Bar at Schiphol

I made myself a mixture of strawberry, orange and kiwi juice, got a cup of fresh fruit and a hot tea, which made a perfect breakfast. Jack made several friends while we ate, he is quite a popular chap.

Fresh juice at the airport!

Juice and Fruit Cup breakfast at the airport

Continuing on our stroll around the airport I stumbled upon Bubbles, a champagne and seafood bar, right in the middle of the airport! What a cool concept! I wish we had something like this in Minneapolis…
Bubbles... a champagne and seafood bar
And right past Bubbles, was what to me turned into a little piece of heaven, for me at least…. Cafe Chocolat… where do I begin? The name says it all – this place was all things chocolate and wonderful, including coffee drinks, desserts, bulk chocolate, chocolate bars, and hot chocolate!

Cafe Chocolat

I was so excited to have enough time to stop in and chat with the chocolate barista about what kind of Chocolat Chaud (French for hot chocolate) to get.

Chocolate bar!

Their most popular is an orange-flavored chocolate, but she said given that I was a dark chocolate lover I should go for the Brownie, Dark, or Espresso flavors. I chose the dark and got another little surprise – you get to pick a little chocolate truffle to accompany your drink, in my case, a hazelnut creme truffle. A 4.95 Euro hot chocolate ($6.50 US) is not cheap, but boy was it an experience!

Hot chocolate, with a side of chocolate? Yes, please!

You get a wooden spoon with a hunk of chocolate at the tip, which is placed inside a cup and then filled with steaming hot milk. As you stir, stir, stir, the chocolate melts off the spoon and into the milk, making your hot chocolate. SO much fun having that extra interaction with your food before enjoying it!

once all the chocolate is melted off the spoon...mmmm, YUM!

Yummy, fresh fruit & juice breakfast, followed by a decadent hot chocolate and chocolate snack “chaser,” and I was ready to board the KLM flight to Budapest to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. I must say, this layover was a very pleasant one, and a welcome change from airports filled with Burger Kings and T.G.I Friday’s. Big nod of approval from YumYoga to AMS, Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport :-)

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