Adventures in the City… Part I: Yogathon in NYC

Posted by: Rita in: ● April 5, 2011

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take 2 weeks off before starting a new position with my company, so I went on a trip I’d like to call “The Grown-Up Spring Break.” For 2 weeks, I indulged the passions that fuel YumYoga. Here are some pictures/highlights from the trip…

The Community Boards (and the educators) in every lululemon store are THE best resource for finding classes and activities in the area! Added bonus was running into Caleb, a lululemon educator who moved to NYC from Minneapolis and used to come to my classes in Uptown!

The Mecca of the Jivamukti yogi, the Union Square studio has 3 large practice rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms, a boutique, and classes all day long. Best of all is the JivamukTea Cafe, a wonderful vegan cafe to refuel after a juicy, sweaty practice!

A luxurious haven in the heart of SoHo at Broadway and Grand, this location features 3 large practice rooms and the poshest of locker rooms with showers and saunas. Herbal tea is provided to help you chill out before your practice... classes all day, featuring many different styles ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa.

Founded by supermodel Tara Stiles who actually teaches most of the classes (as does her hubby, Michael), this studio offers no-fuss true vinyasa for only $10 - a major bargain for NY yoga!

The large, open studio is located on Broadway between Houston and Bleecker.

Sankalpah Yoga is the studio of Isaac Pena, lululemon ambassador and also a UN World Peace Ambassador for Yoga - how COOL is that!?! The first class I tried to go to of his, he was at the UN all day teaching meditation and yoga! The sub, David, was amazing, as was Isaac whose class I caught the next morning. Amazingly flowy, creative vinyasa classes at this intimate studio.

This studio is like the "secret clubs" in NYC... you have to know where you're going otherwise you may walk right by this downtown studio on Warren Street. I took founder Schuyler Grant's class... 2 hours on Friday afternoon... blew me away! The most advanced group of students I've seen in any class, great energy and very unique sequencing.

Thus endeth the Grown-Up Spring Break Yogathon… 17 classes in 14 days ~ Namaste!

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