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Veggie Quesadillas with Crema Mexicana & Fresh Salsa

Posted by: Rita in: ● January 16, 2011

Tweet this!Crema is Mexico’s thinner, milder version of sour cream. When used as a condiment with more robust and spicy dishes, it cuts the intensity in such a perfect way you’ll understand right away why it is worth picking up this extra ingredient to top off the below veggie ‘dilla that packs serious heat. Speaking [...]

Roasted Eggplant Spread

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!This dip is great served cold or room temperature… an alternative for hummus or salsa, you can spread it on a sandwich or wrap, or dunk fresh veggies or chips in it. 1 small-medium eggplant, cubed & roasted, about 2 cups 1 tbsp crushed garlic 1 tbsp tomato paste 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive [...]

Massaged Arugula Salad

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!OMG, talk about wholesome goodness, your taste-buds will sing when you try this salad! I adapted it from a recipe my friend Kitty described to me yesterday during an intense conversation about how awesome we feel not eating “shit food” as she calls it. Her version had kale, cilantro, lemon and some other stuff [...]

Flax Crackers

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!Now that you’re tuned in, I’ll hit you with the statement – these crackers are considered RAW! Don’t stop reading… they taste great, it just means they were made using a dehydrator, which did not get hotter than 110 degrees F, the highest temperature a raw food can encounter without starting to loose its [...]

Raw Zucchini Hummus

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!2 chopped zucchini ½ cup lemon juice 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 ½ tsp cumin 1 cup tahini (raw if you can get it)… See More 4 tbsp olive oil ½ cup raw sesame seeds 1 jalapeno pepper, seeds in or out 1 big handful of fresh cilantro 1 large garlic clove or 1 [...]

Rita’s Famous Guacamole

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!Honestly, I don’t know how it became “famous,” but every time I have a party or get-together my friends check to make sure I’m making my guac (like they wouldn’t come over if I wasn’t!)… every potluck at work, before I know it, someone’s SIGNED ME UP to bring guacamole… so here it is [...]


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