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Smokin’ Chipotle Three Bean Chili

Posted by: Rita in: ● February 20, 2012

I started a 5-day stint of eating zero animal products today and decided to play around with the original Blizzard Chili recipe. The result is a punched up, smokey-spicy deliciously thick stew that hit the spot on another cold winter evening.

yumyoga 5-Day Cleanse, Day 3: Apples

Posted by: Rita in: ● April 11, 2011

Tweet this!Day 1: Juice Day 2: Smoothies Day 3: Apples Day 4: Raw… uncooked fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds Day 5: Vegan… no animal products (meat, fish, eggs or dairy) So today, we start chewing again after 2 days of giving our jaws and teeth a break… and we also start adding back [...]

Nothing does a body good like Green Juice in the morning!

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!New Year’s resolutions are great… in theory. If you’ve had trouble keeping your resolutions the last few years, try to change just ONE small thing. If it involves your diet, you may want to give juicing a shot… FORGET MILK! Besides the clinical data that milk & dairy actually have the opposite effect on [...]

Healthy, YUMmy Grocery List

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Tweet this!Ready to give your refrigerator and kitchen a healthy overhaul? Stock up on the below items on your next trip to the grocery store or market… PRODUCE… as much of it as you can eat before it goes bad! Organic is always better but sometimes it can go bad quicker and certain fruits & [...]


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