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yumyoga 5-Day Cleanse, Day 3: Apples

Posted by: Rita in: ● April 11, 2011

Tweet this!Day 1: Juice Day 2: Smoothies Day 3: Apples Day 4: Raw… uncooked fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds Day 5: Vegan… no animal products (meat, fish, eggs or dairy) So today, we start chewing again after 2 days of giving our jaws and teeth a break… and we also start adding back [...]

yumyoga 5-Day Cleanse, Day 1: Juice

Posted by: Rita in: ● April 9, 2011

Tweet this!‎A couple of friends asked me for advice on how to do a short cleanse. As I started pulling together a program for them, I thought I’d open it up to our online community via facebook and the response has been tremendous! People on both coasts of the US and some friends overseas are [...]


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