Smokin’ Chipotle Three Bean Chili

Posted by: Rita in: ● February 20, 2012

It has been a while since my last post…  no excuses, I’m back! I started a 5-day stint of eating zero animal products today and decided to play around with the original Blizzard Chili recipe. The result is a punched up, smokey-spicy deliciously thick stew that hit the spot on another cold winter evening. Taking a cue from a recipe I got at last summer’s farmer’s market, I added wheat berries right into the chili to save the step of scooping it on rice and making it a one-pot meal. Give it a shot, don’t let the seemingly long ingredient list scare you, prep time was a quick 15 minutes, cooking time 30-45 minutes. Makes approx. 4 servings. Bon appetit!

1 tbsp. canola oil

1 large shallot, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 4.5-oz. can chopped green chiles

3 chipotle chile peppers in adobo sauce (canned), chopped

2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. ground coriander

1/4 tsp. ancho chile powder

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1 cup cooked wheat berries (for a Gluten-Free chili, substitute Quinoa or leave it out)

1 15-oz. can cannellini beans

1 15-oz. can kidney beans

1 15-oz. can black beans

1 15-oz. can tomato sauce

2 cups vegetable stock

1 large Haas avocado, halved and sliced into slivers

1 large handful chopped fresh cilantro

sour cream or yogurt for garnish (if desired)

Cook wheat berries according to package directions. (This can be made up to 3 days in advance and kept in the refrigerator!)

Warm oil in pot and saute onions with a pinch of salt until soft, then add garlic, green chiles and chipotle peppers. Saute for another minute, then add all spices and saute for 4-5 minutes more. Add wheat berries, black, cannellini and kidney beans, tomato sauce and vegetable stock, then cover and simmer on medium for 30-45 minutes, stirring occassionally to keep chili from sticking to pot. The goal is to get it to thicken to a stew-like consistency.  Turn heat off and let it sit for 10 minutes, allowing the flavors to mingle and the chili to cool so you don’t burn your tongue!

Serve with a sprinkle of chopped cilantro, 1/4 avocado slivers and a dollop of sour cream or plain greek yogurt (if not choosing to keep it vegan). Yum!

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