One of my Top 3 Smoothies: The Almonocolate Incident

Posted by: Rita in: ● January 23, 2011

I really don’t like picking favorites. So I don’t. I think Top 10 or Top Whatever is as much as I want to commit myself to choosing anything. I love making smoothies and the options really are endless. so… here goes…

I’ve been saving this one… this smoothie is my Ultimate Guiltless Treat that really feels like a very very Guilty Treat – it tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but better… like a chocolate-dipped banana and a jar of almond butter met and had a love-child… and it is really good for you! The only reason I don’t live on these smoothies is that I’m afraid I won’t enjoy them as much if I have them all the time… When I make them now, I feel like I get to eat dessert for breakfast!

1 frozen chopped banana

1-2 soaked medjool dates, pits removed

1/2 cup soaked almonds

1 tbsp. raw almond butter

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 tbsp. ground flax seeds

1 cup vanilla almond milk

2-3 ice cubes (optional)

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend adding additional water if needed to achieve desired consistency.

Now. If you really want to get CRAZY, try throwing in 1-2 handfuls of spinach or other greens near the end of blending… you won’t even taste it in the smoothie and you’ve just snuck in 1-2 servings of leafy green vegetables… how clever of you!

1 | Cindy

7 de March de 2011 to ● 10:48 am

UNBELIEVABLE. Had vanilla hemp milk on hand and a bunch of swiss chard. Everything else stayed the same. Didn’t have time to soak nuts but the Blend Tec took care of that :)

A fantastic Smoothie!!!

2 | Rita

9 de April de 2011 to ● 9:47 pm

Awesome! Glad you liked the smoothie!

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