Nothing does a body good like Green Juice in the morning!

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New Year’s resolutions are great… in theory. If you’ve had trouble keeping your resolutions the last few years, try to change just ONE small thing. If it involves your diet, you may want to give juicing a shot…

FORGET MILK! Besides the clinical data that milk & dairy actually have the opposite effect on the strength of your bones as their commercials claim, no other healthy adult living creature drinks the milk of another creature (or its kind). All grossness aside (and trust me, I really enjoy eating cheese), the health benefits of any other beverage don’t compare to drinking a nice big glass of freshly squeezed Green Juice in the morning.

Green Juice is any combination of fresh fruit & vegetable juice that results in a green color. Generally that means you are adding some kind of green vegetable like lettuce, kale, cucumber, spinach, or green peppers to your juice. And before you shrink away in disgust – know that I did too. UNTIL I TASTED IT!

The key is you use your favorite fruits that have different, sweeter juices to cut the strong “veggie” flavor of your greens.

Your body is made up of ~60% water and maintaining this % keeps all of our vital systems functioning at their best! When you obtain hydration from fresh fruits and vegetables versus just water, this hydration is more easily absorbed by all the bodies’ cells and is free of minerals, salts and other gunk that may be in tap or even some bottled waters.

Even cooler, fresh fruits and veggies contain VITAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. When consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, these enzymes kick-start your body and get the digestion process moving in the right direction.

Here’s my juice frame-work to get you started:

1 whole cucumber
3-4 sticks of celery
1 head romaine lettuce
1-2 apples (depending on size and how sweet you want your juice)
1 lemon (optional)

This is really flexible, you can experiment with any types of green veggies (I listed a bunch earlier in the note) and substitute different “sweetener” fruits of your juice. I suggest sticking to fruits with a high water content to maximize the bang for your produce buck – watermelon and pineapple are both great!

Drink first thing in the AM and wait 30 minutes before eating anything else.

And PS – this has allowed me to walk away from coffee and caffeine cold turkey. YOU WILL FEEL GREAT ENERGY!

If the juice has you excited and want to kick it to the next level, try a big bowl of fresh, raw fruit as your breakfast.


Green Juice

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