yumyoga 5-Day Cleanse, Day 3: Apples

Posted by: Rita in: ● April 11, 2011

Day 1: Juice

Day 2: Smoothies

Day 3: Apples

Day 4: Raw… uncooked fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds

Day 5: Vegan… no animal products (meat, fish, eggs or dairy)

So today, we start chewing again after 2 days of giving our jaws and teeth a break… and we also start adding back fiber without any “help” via blending, letting our stomachs adjust to digesting again. We are still keeping it simple, eating one kind of “whole” fruit, apples. Not much to think about in terms of your diet today, just grab an apple as you’re hungry (definitely during regular mealtimes, but throughout the day as you feel hungry or low-energy.) You’ll probably eat 6-10 apples today so make sure you have enough on hand or can get more as needed. If you can get organic, awesome, and wash them well. No need to put any chemicals, wax or pesticides in your body.

Optional variation: If you’re getting bored, another way to keep cleansing on Day 3, feel free to keep drinking your fresh juices and smoothies in addition to eating apples, rather than doing just apples and water. Your call!

A note if you have a problem with apples… I have an obstinate friend who has decided to eat grapefruit all day tomorrow instead of apples. Totally cool. He is quite smart, after all, so I acknowledged this was a perfectly good alternative. The idea is fiber and a high water content in the fruit and citrus fits the bill!

Hang in there guys, after today, the variety you get to add back to your eating will blow your mind… and we’ll still be cleansing because it will be super-healthy, which is so great!

Day 4 is next… raw!

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