Healthy, YUMmy Grocery List

Posted by: admin in: ● November 14, 2010

Ready to give your refrigerator and kitchen a healthy overhaul? Stock up on the below items on your next trip to the grocery store or market…

PRODUCE… as much of it as you can eat before it goes bad! Organic is always better but sometimes it can go bad quicker and certain fruits & veggies don’t matter as much if they’re organic so its up to you and your budget…
Berries, whatever is on sale and/or in-season
Lemons & Limes
Baby Carrots
Salad (mixed baby greens, romaine, arugula… stick with the dark greens, avoid iceberg)
Garlic (fresh or minced)
Fresh herbs (my favorites are cilantro, basil and dill)
Celery Sticks
Broccoli, washed, bagged & cut

DAIRY… in my opinion, this is where organic is a must, budget your food $’s so you can go organic here (watch Food Inc if you want more info on why…)
Milk (your choice what fat %) or Almond Milk (avoid Soy if you can… estrogen mimicking hormones are not a good thing…)
Plain and Vanilla yogurt
Grated Mexican Cheese Mix (for cheesy eggs)
Crumbled Cheese of your choice (for salads)
Eggs, Organic, free-range, maybe enhanced with Omegas

MISC… other can’t miss staples…
Almond Butter
Sprouted Grain Tortillas (my fav are FAT FLUSH PLAN’s tortillas, Ezekiel is good too if you can’t find them)
100% Whole Grain Bread
Granola (all natural, no artificial sweeteners)
Morning Star Farms Frozen Black Bean Burgers
Green Tea
Natural, Organic Food Bars (such as Lara or Kind Bars. Look for as few ingredients as possible, and as natural as possible… no words with with poly-, mono-, or -ose in them)
Organic Dark Chocolate (start with 55%, work your way up to 70+%)

Pick up any combination of the above that appeals to you, that you think you would ENJOY eating!
Stay tuned for recipes, meal and snack ideas using some of the above!


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